Public Safety Semi-Vented Blast Containment Receptacle (BCR)

Marshal Semi-Vented Blast Containment Receptacle containers combine a high strength outer steel shell with a patented inner compressive layer to provide security, protection and safety to the surrounding public. The compressive layer is designed to absorb the major blast energy and resist fragments. The outer shell contains any remaining lateral blast energy and fragmentation. Residual blast energy is vented upwards away from the public, keeping the receptacle unpenetrated.

Marshal Blast Containment Receptacle containers have been extensively tested by government agencies and are in use at many government and public facilities nationwide, including airports, train stations, subways, courthouses, office buildings, and embassies. Currently in use by: The Pentagon, Metro-North Railroad, Amtrak, MARTA, Dulles International Airport, Chicago O'Hare, Memphis, St. Paul and Salt Lake City airports, Phoenix Courthouse, Holocaust Museum, New Jersey Transit, Fairfax County Court, Oklahoma, and many other public places. In addition, our Blast Containment Receptacle containers are placed worldwide, including France, Spain, Israel, England, Turkey.

In addition to its unsurpassed technical specifications, Marshal Semi-Vented Blast Containment Receptacle containers are engineered to provide a highly effective means of litter control. An internal hinged lid with lock provides a secure trash container with easy service and minimum maintenance. Models range from 21 to 40 gallons of trash capacity.

MSI's blast containment products are an established blast mitigating / protection tool within today's marketplace. Blast Containment Receptacles are being installed and utilized by numerous US and International Airports as well as being used within many other transportation venues, government facilities, and other critical infrastructure locations.

Our new standard models have no operational lid and are intended to stay intact during detonation. Containers with operational lids are available upon request.

To see demonstration Movie of blast effects inside container please click here

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

The ARC-5 container is the latest in Marshal's line of explosive containment vessels. Designed and used for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and civilian bomb disposal, the ARC-5 can safely contain 11 pounds of TNT EOD with repeated detonations. It will limit the dispersal of chemical and biological agents, mitigating the risk of such devices. The hydraulic door is operated either manually or electrically and has an opening diameter of 21.6 inches. The ARC-5 can easily be trailer mounted and towed at highway speeds. The ARC-5 can also be configured with remote operational capability.

Fully Confined BlastSafe Containment Vessels

When you have to safely contain, store, transport or protect explosives, we can provide the proven solution. Our containers are extensively tested by government authorities and independent laboratories. The GOLAN models are approved for use as "Standard Magazines" by the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board (DDESB).

Designed for safety, strength and functionality, our containers can be mounted on trailers or fitted with remote operational capability. Our smaller units weigh as little as 110 lbs. and can be easily carried by attached handles. Larger units are available on wheels or are trailer mounted and towable. Custom designs can meet any requirement including Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

Our fully confined containers have been used on a daily basis for over fifteen years by police and military users around the world. The Marshal fully confined containers are some of the most field tested explosives containment vessels in the world. The containers are based on patented technology. Through day-by-day interaction with long-time users, Marshal has implemented many enhancements, changes and improvements to our product line. This has resulted in a line of reliable, low maintenance, easy-to-use, safe containers for daily use.

To see demonstration Movie of blast please click here

The GOLAN 3 Series are medium sized fully confined containment vessels to support storage requirements of small quantities of explosives as well as safe placement of suspect or terror charges and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) applications. The GOLAN 3 models can be supplied as stationary or mobile units.

The ARC Series are relatively lightweight fully confined containment vessels for storage of explosives from .66 lbs. to 7.7 lbs. TNT. The ARC models are a spherical design and relatively space saving. The ARC models are especially useful for use in pick-up trucks, movable platforms, and airplanes.

The GOLAN 5 , 10 , 15 Series are fully confined containment vessels for the containment of upto 11 lbs. (GOLAN-5) upto 22 lbs. (GOLAN-10) and up to 33 lbs. (GOLAN-15) of TNT. The GOLAN models are U.S. DOD Explosive Safety Board approved as a "Standard Magazine". The GOLAN models support safe storage at distances of 30 feet from inhabited buildings, 20 feet from public traffic routes and 10 feet intraline. In addition, the GOLAN models have been used for EOD purposes and based on a customer request, Marshal has modified the GOLAN-5 as a mobile, remote controlled EOD containment vessel.

To see demonstration Movie of Mobile GOLAN at Airport please click here

Secure Luggage Container

The Secure Luggage Container was developed by Galaxy Scientific, with assistance from Marshal and is being marketed by Marshal. Currently, the container is available for wide-body aircraft, however, a container for narrow-body aircraft is also under development.

Blast Resistant

The Secure Luggage Container is a hardened unit load device (HULD) created to contain the harmful effects of a blast on an airplane. The Secure Luggage Container is able to protect the surrounding aircraft structure from all but cosmetic damage during a blast. It is the first container to meet the Federal Aviation Administration's blast resistance specification.

Luggage and Cargo Container

In addition to blast resistance, the containers meet all current LD-3 specifications. The containers are made of a rugged design to minimize operational damage and make them suitable for daily use. Internal cargo tie downs are available with the containers. Base can be provided as "fork lift ready". Containers can also be custom designed for a particular application, if necessary.

Minimal Impact on Airline Operations

Because of the modular design, components are field replaceable with standard hand tools. Containers are offered as side- or end-door models, which results in minimal impact on the loading and unloading operations. It can be opened or closed in under 10 seconds. Please view our video clips of the explosives tests performed on standard luggage containers vs. the secure luggage container. The clips are as follows:

  • Blast with a standard LD-3 luggage container ( with a small charge)
    LD-3 Section - MPG 387k
  • Blast with a standard LD-3 luggage container in a pressurized airplane (with a small charge)
  • LD-3 Pressurized - MPG 637k
    Blast with the Secure luggage container with a full charge.
    ECOS Section - MPG 475k

To see demonstration Movie of secured LD3 please click here

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