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What does 'Fire Barricade' looks like ?

Fire Barricode have three different Models:

1. Model No 'FBool1 Sallen fire',(Premixed liquid form), packed in one cubic meter container consisting of 1000 liters each.

2. Model No 'FBooP2 Sallen fire',(Paste form), packed in bags, water is to be added and a mixture made very much like what we do with cement to make concerete.

3. Model No 'FBooD3 Sallen fire',(Dust form), packed in poly bags, this is a totally dry and is to be mixed with water in a similar way as concerete is made.

How to apply 'Fire Barricade':

Just spray the mixture by help of the existing fire fighting equipment you possess. In case the quantum of area being small, back pack spray equipment can also be used.
Huge fire with thick and dry material in forest area
Is 'Fire Barricade' hazardous & corrosive

Being a natural Resin to which adhesives have been added, this product is non toxic and environmental friendly. It is safe for vegetation and soil and is non corrosive. Huge fire with thick and dry material in forest area.

Features of 'Fire Barricode'

1. Fire Barricode' has un-paralleled fire extinguishing power.

2. In preventive application, the product helps create fire barriers and helps in situations where the stocks are in the open and risk of fire is high.

3. The product is highly effective in creating fire barrier lanes with a long life at a very economical rate.

4. The ideal and inexpensive way to create fire guards.

5. The product is non toxic as it is made of natural materials.

6. The product is environmental friendly, and is not dangerous to human, vegetation or soil.

7. The product is non corrosive.

8. The product can be washed away by water.

9. The product does not need any adaptation for use.

10. The product can be applied using conventional fire fighting equipment.

11. The product comes in three Models Dry, semi dry and liquid.

Fire Barricade

What is this new fire fighting product:

Research and development has always lead to new innovative ways in finding easier solutions to major problems. A company based in Spain have developed a new solution to resist fire & prevent it from spreading.The item is called 'Fire Barricade'. This new dynamic product is patented by them and is only of
its kind in the world. 'Fire Barricade' is being exclusively marketed by us, in India.

What 'Fire Barricade does is that it envelopes the combustible item and will not permit the oxygen to reach it, thereby preventing it from burning. This ability and quality has proved to be highly useful in creating preventing fire lanes/barriers around the product we need to secure.

'Fire Barricade' has proved highly useful in arresting fires in forests; Oil industry, Ammunition Depots, Factories etc. and other situation were fire has been a rampant destroyer.

'Fire Barricade' can be applied on the product itself, if the product so permits. The product will just refuse to burn. The solution of 'Fire Barricade' can later be washed off with plain water.

Application with fire-engine for a real contention Test
Where 'Fire Barricade' works:

As a preventive, 'Fire Barricade' is sprayed around the stored product so as to create a fire retardant lane. For example, int the dry season, if you have petroleum or ammunition temporarily stored in the open & the grass around is extremely combustible, a small spark somewhere can set a large fire which can destroy the stock. Now this problem can be solved very economically by just spraying 'Fire Barricade' to create a fire retardant lane around the stored stock. The spray remains for a long time.

As a fire Extinguisher, 'Fire Barricade' has un-paralleled qualities to fight fire and extinguishes it immediately. Application with fire-engine for a real contention Test.

How 'Fire Barricade' works:

'Fire Barricade can be sprayed by exsiting fire fighting equipment onto the combustible mass. After the water evaporates, it forms a solid layer around the combustible item thereby preventing oxygen to reach it.The temperature of the fire does not affect it and it clings to the combustible mass and prevents it from catching fire. 'Fire Barricade' solution remains for a long time till washed away with water.

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