Field detection kit for Poison in Food gives instant results by positive colour change.

The Poison Detection Kits were designed to be very small, light weight and easy to carry. The kit is totally autonomous and requires no additional material that is not provided in the Kit itself, except for clean water. The process requires NO Electricity, NO Batteries and NO knowledge of chemistry. By design, a POSITIVE color change will be the indicator of the presence of poison, so that it will be recognizable by any person immediately.

The Poison Detectors used are optimized using over 12,000 food samples from all around the world including Indian food. Although the detectors appear very simple, they are very complex. They are designed to detect poisons in food which a person may eat without getting suspicious of poisoning. The logic is that if the terrorist add to the food poison which turns the food sour or bitter, then the food will not be consumed because no one will eat bad / smelly food.

The CKT series of Poison Detection kit includes three detectors and some auxiliary items for sample preparation etc.

  • The CA detectors detect Cyanides, Azides, Sulfides and Chromates.
  • The HM detector detects Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and Thallium.
  • The AJ pouch detects ALL Arsenic compounds.

CA, HM & AJ pouch are technologies developed by Appealing Products Inc of USA (Patent pending) & only of its kind yet available in world.



  • Detects sub-lethal levels of over 30 poisons
  • No false alarms
  • Result appear within 2 to 240 seconds
  • Easy to carry & store
  • Easy to use
  • DVD for training provided (on request)
  • Shelf life one year

Easy Process: 3 Steps

  • Mix suspected food with appropriate volume of water (If food solid or semi solid. For liquid foods like coffee, tea, juice etc no need to add water).
  • With dropper place several drops of mixed liquid in given area on CA or HM card or add liquid in AJ pouch.
  • View results for change in color, if Poison is present color will appear.
CA - 61 Sample Card for Cyandes   Test Result
HM - 34 Sample Card for Heavy Metals   Test Result
AJ - 05 Sample Pouch for Arsenic Compounds   Test Result


  • One CA card for detection of cyanides, Azides, Sulfides, Chromates.
  • One HM card for detection of Lead, Mercury, Thallium, Cadmium.
  • One AJ pouch for detection of all Arsenic compounds
  • All necessary tools for conducting test, read & documentary paper.
  • DVD for training & use process.
The kits are available in the following packing.
Cat No. Description Self Life
CKT-106 For 10 kits One year
CKT-206 For 20 kits One year
CKT-006 For 01 kit One year
RKT-206 20 replacement kits with only CA, HM cards & AJ pouch along with ‘QA’ kit verification test. One year
HKT-206 20 replacement kits with CA, HM & AJ pouch without ‘QA’ kit verification test One year
STPD-06 One card for detection of cyanides, Azides, Sulfides, Chromates, Lead, Mercury, Thallium, Cadmium. One ‘AJ’ pouch for detection of all Arsenic compounds and necessary tools for conducting test and documentary papers without ‘QA’ kit verification test. Six months
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