Marshal is the only company in India that offers a product to develop and improve the interpretation skills of security screeners by training using images that are real images and therefore exactly the same as they would see in the real world. X-Screen use genuine x-ray images, which is the only way to get 100% accuracy in x-ray simulation training.

Traditional “on the job” methods for training of x-ray interpretation can prove expensive in terms of time consumed and costs incurred by students and instructors using. Interpretation training is also often restricted by the small number of items available for scanning and availability of access to x-ray machines.

X-Screen allows screeners to learn how to use x-ray machine control panels and interpret images via a standard PC. Marshal is completely vendor-neutral, so X-Screen offers multiple machine x-ray training from one platform.

X-Screen can be operated on a network to allow simultaneous training of a group of students on a multitude of x-ray machine interfaces.

Instructors can design image interpretation training using the extensive library of bag images and set challenges to the skill levels of screener, trainees or experts.

Screeners then use the simulated x-ray control strip options to manipulate the real images and detect threat and non-threat items. X-Screen tests for accuracy of interpretation and then leads screeners through a comprehensive review of their session.

Perfect for initial or refresher training, X-Screen focuses on developing accurate decision making and continual improvement of x-ray interpretation skills.

X-Screen are dedicated to maintain the relevance of the images that screeners see and the interpretation skills they are learning. We are constantly expanding the library of genuine x-ray images for the wide range of x-ray simulators that are available to trainers.

Whilst still maintaining ICAO specified x-ray standards, this simulation is ideal for general x-ray image interpretation training that is not specific to any equipment manufacturer.

Some of the partners of Quadratica (UK) Ltd are :


L-3 Communications

Screeners have the ability to view genuine x-ray images on a comprehensive set of simulators for L-3 Communications products using X-Screen.

Using the latest PX-M interface to view different strip options the screener will decide whether there is a threat present or not. X-Screen’s powerful review tool then assesses and provides feedback on the users judgment.

Other L-3 Communications simulators available in X-Screen include:

L-3 200 Series

VDS-108, VDS-108 (integrated)


VIS-108 (integrated), PX-M

Rapiscan systems

Our agreement with Rapiscan allows us to offer simulation training using extensive real x-ray image libraries for the Rapiscan 500 and 600 Series machines, Rapiscan 500 (HBS), Rapiscan 600 (DV) and an interface that has been specifically designed to meet Rapiscans own OEM training requirements.


The new X-Screen Rapiscan Air Cargo simulator (Rapiscan 500 cargo & 600 cargo) allows security screeners to see a library of air cargo item images ranging from courier envelopes to palletized goods and reconcile them with their accompanying documentation, e.g. airway bills, dangerous goods declarations, etc

Smiths Heimann

X-Screen offers simulators and image libraries for Heimann 6040, Heimann 6040i, Heimann 6040aTix, Heimann 6040 (HBS), Heimann 6040i (Smart View) and Heimann 6040i (Cargo) X-ray equipment.

Existing Users in India

Jet Airways, Air India, Kingfisher Airlines, IndiGo Airlines, Go Airlines, Spiceject Ltd., Delhi Metro, CISF, Special Protection Group (SPG) and Delhi International Airport Pvt. Ltd (DIAL).

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