Marshal Marketing and Management Pvt. Ltd., is a Leading provider of security system, with emphasis on detectioin. We market state of art articles made by global leaders.

The examples are..

Explosive Detection Kits

'Expray' is a unique, aerosol-based detection kit speciallly designed to detect range of explosive groups and improvised Nitrate based Explosive both for pre/post explosion. The PDK is the only of its kind in the world to detect chlorate based and peroxide based explosives.

'Expray' is patient item made by Mistral Detection Ltd. form Israel

Drug Detection Spray Field Kit

Our family of patented drug detection and identification products provide law enforcement officers and investigators distinct advantages for field and laboratory use. "On the spot" reaction ensures a testing process that is convenient, fast and efficient.

Poison Detection Kit

Cyanides , Azides , Sulfides , Chromates , Lead Compounds , Mercury compounds , Cadmium Compounds , Thallium Compounds , All Arsenic Compounds etc.

Modern Investigation / Forensic Items

Our family of forensic and investigation products provide law enforcement officers and investigators distinct advantages for field and laboratory use. They insure a testing process which is convenient, fast, sensitive and inexpensive.

Bomb Recepticals

This is another special item marketed by Marshal, The range from TNT explosion containment from 0.50kg explosive to 10kg. The receptacles are in various shapes and size.

Security Assessment & Audit

In order to meet the desired goals of a safer environment, we provide security analysis and assessment, security audit, security program development and design, security awareness & training programs.

Once we have assessed the threat to your establishment, we will develop a set of solutions that fall within the model pertaining to the existing threat level.

As we develop comprehensive security programs that are designed to mitigate risk for Governmental facilities, private corporations, Hotels , non-governmental organizations , our first goal is to improve security by recognising the existing threat and providing a solution so as to bring down the risk of the threat at nearly zero level. Solutions are provided keeping in mind the allocated funds and suggestions are given as to how best risk can be minimised within the allocated amount. We also provide solutions for Bomb and weapon detection and their safe disposal.

Computer Based Training Program For X- Ray Screeners

As any organizations most valuable asset is its people. Quadratica (UK) Ltd of UK has designed curricula courseware- learning and learning content, by which the CBT system give Screeners the skills, Knowledge and confidence to perform their roles effectively. The courseware is designed to bring the ability of an X- ray screener from zero level to global standard level in a short time. The proficiency of the student screener automatically assessed and recorded by the computer. This is again one of the first kind of product to be marketed by Marshal in India.

To demonstrate the function and characteristic of our products, We would like to give a presentation of the same at your office.

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